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Luchadora Swag

Still I Rise!

Because self-expression is powerful. To wear such words with pride is to remind the world:
Of your start,
Of your journey, &
Of your future

By purchasing our “Still I Rise” statement T-shirt, you automatically donate $18* to fund our annual 2018 Lucha Latina Scholarship for college-bound Latinas.

*Please also add another $3 for shipping & handling.

We are officially out of Larges and X-Larges!

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Because it isn’t just a saying, it’s a movement. It’s a way of life. Choosing to stand together, united. Because we matter. Because we deserve to be heard. Because women deserve to be treated equally and offered the same resources as men. Women are a force to be reckoned with; Empezando con nuestras abuelas, y terminando con nuestras hijas. Nuestra blusa servirá como un símbolo de fortaleza, un recuerdo de que ‘La Lucha Sigue’ en nuestra comunidad.

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Because you aren’t just another number in a statistic. You are more than the minority label society has placed upon you. You are valuable and worthy of all the opportunities life has to offer. Regardless of particular religious, cultural, racial or sexual affiliation(s)... todos merecen una buena educación con las herramientas adecuadas, que ayuden a alcanzar su potencial máximo.

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Because education should be feasible to everyone. Porque las mujeres son fuertes. Las Latinas, aún más; Y cuando nos unimos, somos aún más fuertes y el mundo se unirá en ésta lucha; La Lucha Latina. Spreading the word and making a difference, like simply purchasing our T-shirt* is what mi comunidad latina is all about.

*All proceeds go to our LL scholarship fund. Consider making this small donation in exchange for a fashion statement.