Lucha Latina


Fund your future.



Lucha Latina is an organization that prides itself on promoting the importance of having an education and pursing a higher, collegiate level degree. While it is understood that everyone comes from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, Lucha Latina also understands that encouragement goes a long way. With that being said, a scholarship portion was developed to help alleviate some stress that may accompany Latina high school seniors (and their families). Since the inaugural year, 11 women have been sponsored and have gone off to in-state universities, Ivy Leagues, and community colleges.



Other methods of support and encouragement are also awarded to the scholarship winners. Once chosen, the Lucha Latina scholar is automatically surrounded by a network of professionals in her given field (from medicine and business, to film and communications). Once she is matched to a mentor that best suits her needs, communication and constant follow-ups occur, ensuring a positive and successful transition into college.