Lucha Latina


Plant a seed. Leave a legacy.

Collegiate Chapters


The purpose of Lucha Latina collegiate chapters is to foster growth and empower Latinas within their respective colleges and communities. In addition to that, Lucha Latina collegiate chapters provide a safe space where one can develop dialogues and share best practices to support each other in a very tangible way, fulfilling one’s professional, leadership and personal goals.


Community Outreach

Lucha Latina raises awareness about the issues affecting the Hispanic-Latinx community. In order to remedy the issues in our community, our vision is to provide service to local organizations while helping develop the next generation of leaders. Through community outreach, Lucha Latina seeks to build a coalition to establish partnerships with other organizations that address the intersectional issues that affect the Hispanic-Latinx population.



Lucha Latina is empowering womxn to break barriers and assisting them to become a growing influence within their own surroundings. As an organization, we connect womxn with endless opportunities relating to personal, career and professional development. We aim to be an organization that nurtures, educates and serves as a role model for all womxn of color.



Lucha Latina is helping change the womxn narrative by refining key leadership skills and providing insight to help unlock one’s true potential. As part of the vision of Lucha Latina, we provide an environment to address our sense of self, our culture, and identity. Whether it is in school, society, or the workforce, we aim to provide the proper tools and resources for womxn to succeed.